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Combining original content, comprehensive educational resources, & full length streaming performances, ​Broadway Access Classroom​ allows educators & students at all levels to dive deep into the world of Broadway & engage with a wide range of professionals – from performers to producers, directors to designers, composers & lyricists, & everyone in between. The easy-to-navigate portal features over 75 hours of content, with 100 Broadway icons, across 250 exclusive episodes of curated educational programming.

"​Broadway Access Classroom​ offers educators a diverse resource of engaging, authentic insider content, offering teachers & students alike the rare opportunity to train with Broadway professionals from every corner of the industry." - ​Edie Demas, PhD

This original content spans running times of 15 minutes to 2 hours, making it a highly flexible teaching resource that provides students with:

  • Conservatory-worthy training options
  • Intimate and inspirational insights from a variety of industry viewpoints
  • Career and professional guidance

Broadway Access supports the National Theatre Standards of Creating, Performing, Responding and Connecting with a wide range of digital content that will allow you to plan enriching experiences in the following key learning areas:


Broadway Master Class: Actors
The best on Broadway sit down, lean forward and get real about the secrets behind their personal technique and process.


The Craftsmen
Broadway’s most sought-after designers provide an inside look at the creative process, from design concept to opening night and beyond.


The Hook, Broadway Masters: Composers and Lyricists, First Look
Renowned & up and coming writers alike give firsthand accounts of their process, challenges, & triumphs, even sharing sneak peeks of new work still in development.


Broadway Masterclass: Directors, Titan Talks, Talking With Bard
Many of the examples above also align with dramaturgy, most especially in the development of new work.

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